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Vet Wrap Elastiwrap cohesive bandage is a self-adherent wrap (similar to Vetrap) for even, consistent compression in retaining dressings, protecting wounds, immobilizing injuries, or securing devices to patients.

  • 10cm x 4.7m.
  • Does not stick to skin or fur, only to itself.
  • Does not require any pins or clips.
  • Assorted colours (red, light blue, dark blue, green, purple, and pink).


Safety information: Never stretch the bandage while applying, as strangulation of limbs can occur due to the highly elastic nature of this bandage.


Pets cannot communicate when bandages are too tight or their limbs are feeling numb. Always unroll the desired amount off the roll first, and bandage to the required area loosely.


Vet Wrap Elastiwrap Cohesive Bandage

Colours available
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