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Charlotte Smithson

Charlotte began her career as a Veterinary Nurse in  the UK. After gaining significant experience in animal care, Charlotte gained a  position as an Apprentice Guide Dog Mobility Instructor.

Next, Charlotte developed and managed her own successful animal welfare enterprise, with services including dog obedience training, pet sitting, dog walking, a doggie day creche, a hydrotherapy rehabilitation center and a professional grooming  parlour.

After gaining animal behavioural qualifications at the University of Southhamptom, Charlotte began to offer behavioural consultations for all companion animals and ran her services within the UK for ten years. 

After migrating to Perth, she began her business named Pawsitively Wagging. While running this enterprise, Charlotte became the Head Behaviourist at the RSPCA for 12 months and then went onto become a Ranger for approximately three years. Realising that training pets was her passion she became an Animal Wrangler and has trained pets for both Theatre and Film and then in 2017 Perth's Animal Training Specialists was born.

Charlotte's main skills and passion are in helping people to develop trusting relationships and better partnerships with their pets. She offers a range of services for all companion animals as well as educational presentations to the general public and other professionals within the pet care sector.

As part of her promise to you, she continues her Professional Development on a regular basis to ensure that she can provide pet owners with the most up to date scientific information when training their pets.

Charlotte's Qualifications:

Veterinary Nurse,

Companion Animal Behavioural Practitioner,

Guide Dog Trainer, has completed her Guide Dog Mobility Instructor Training

Small Animal Nutrition,

Clicker Training CAP 2

Cert. Feline Behaviour Science and Technology,

Cert. Shelter and Rescue Work,

Behavioural Medicine - University of Sydney

Advanced Marine Mammal Trainer

Animal Wrangler 

Government Approved Assessor for Assistance Dogs,

Fear Free Certified Trainer.

Certified Nose Work Instructor

Charlotte Smithson - professional dog trainer
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