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Government Approved
Independent Public Access Test Assessor
Brown Dog

Do you need your Assistance  Dog Tested for Behaviour and Obedience or for Public Access?

Assistance dogs are specially trained dogs to assist people living with disabilities or limitiations and therefore are often required to accompany their handler everywhere they go on a daily basis. 

These highly trained dogs are required to undergo a test to ensure they have been trained to a specified standard in order for them to qualify to enter public buildings and ride on public transport.

We have been approved by the Western Australian Government to conduct such assessments.

Booking your assessments

The BOA and PATS assessments can be booked directly from this page. Both assessments cost the same and can usually be completed at a venue of your choice providing it is not too far from Gnangara. For this you can book one hour.

When you book your PAT assessment, please ensure you book one hour for the actual assessment and allow half hour either side of this booking for travel and paperwork. Therefore in total you need to book 2 full hours to ensure we have time to travel to your chosen assessment area.

If your assessment location is more than 15km from Gnangara you will be charged $1.05 per KM traveling costs each way on top of your assessment fee.


Assessments Cost $280.00

Travel expenses may be added

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