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Clicino Finger Clicker is designed to keep your clicker at hand. An attractive, functional design that is comfortable to wear and leaves your hands free to train.


Always have a clicker at your fingertips!

Clickers can be cumbersome when you are also juggling a leash, treats, and other training accessories. The Clicino Clicker Ring is an attractive, convenient clicker that fits on your finger like a ring, freeing up your hands while ensuring that you always have a clicker at the ready.


The Clicker Ring Clicino is enormously versatile and can be worn on your thumb or any finger. It can also be worn on the top, middle, or bottom section of a finger; it doesn't have to be worn in a traditional ring position. The possibilities are almost limitless; see what works best for you.


The Clicker Ring Clicino has a soft click. 


Small:  16.5 mm to 17.9 mm
Medium: 18.0 mm to 19.4 mm
Large:   19.5 mm to 20.9 mm
X-Large: 21.0 mm to 22.5 mm


Clicino Finger Clicker

Colours available
  • Please ensure you choose the correct size as we can not exchange once the product has been opened.

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