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The Baremedical Gauze Swab 4ply 10cm x 10cm non-woven swab is an essential medical addition in any Pet First Aid Kit. These high-quality swabs are designed to effectively clean wounds, apply antiseptics, and assist in various medical procedures.

Crafted with precision, these swabs feature a 4-ply construction, ensuring durability and efficiency. Made from non-woven material, these swabs are highly absorbent and offer superior performance compared to regular cotton swabs. The non-woven fabric prevents lint shedding, providing a clean and hygienic usage experience.

Each pack contains 100 swabs, perfectly packaged to maintain their sterile condition. The compact packaging ensures easy and convenient access, making them suitable for busy settings, in clinics, and even for personal use. These swabs are essential for wound care, sterilization, and general medical procedures, making them a vital addition to any pet owner or healthcare professional's toolkit.

With their non-woven construction, these swabs minimize the risk of fibrous particles being left behind, ensuring a clean and safe application. The high absorbency of the swabs allows for efficient fluid collection and allows for optimal healing conditions.

Their convenient size and shape make them easy to handle during procedures. The lightweight design provides a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue during extended usage.

The Baremedical Non-Woven Swabs, 4 ply, 100 Pcs/Pack are a go-to choice for medical professionals, offering reliability, versatility, and convenience. Whether you are a healthcare provider, pet owner, first-aid responder, or simply someone in need of reliable wound care supplies, these swabs will undoubtedly meet your expectations.

Baremedical Gauze Swab 4ply 10cm x 10cm

SKU: 9327309023037
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