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Introducing our Alcohol Disinfection Cotton Wipes, the perfect solution for keeping your beloved pets clean and protected from harmful germs and bacteria. These wipes are specially designed for use on horses, dogs, and cats, making them a versatile and essential addition to every pet owner's first aid or grooming kit.


The alcohol-based formula effectively eliminates 99.9% of germs, providing a thorough disinfection and giving you peace of mind knowing that your pets are safe and healthy. Whether you're at home or on the go, these convenient wipes are ideal for quick and easy cleaning of paws, fur, and other sensitive areas, without causing any irritation.


Keep your furry friends happy and healthy with our Alcohol Disinfection Cotton Wipes, the ultimate solution for maintaining their cleanliness and well-being.

Alcohol Disinfection Cotton Wipes

PriceFrom $3.00
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