An Overview of what we offer!

Assistance Dogs

PATS have had over 30 years of experience in dog training, pet behaviour and Guide Dogs.  As a company, we offer a complete package of training dogs which enable  people living with a disability to integrate back into society. 

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Film and T.V

PATS have been actively involved in theatre, movies and commercial T.V. We source animals, help train them and get them on set ready for a career in acting.

We offer classes to assist pet owners train and prepare their pets for behaviours required by the industry.


Public Access Assessor

(This assessment is for Assistance dogs entering public areas).

As a government approved independent assessor we will come out and assess your dog's training ability for public access.

Dog Training Classes

We offer an array of pet dog training classes to suit all needs and requirements

If you just want to have fun, need to address a specific behaviour or are just beginning on your journey with a new dog.

We have the lot!

Behaviour Modification

Sometimes a pet may develop an unwanted behaviour that requires a little more depth in both assessing the problem and modifying that problem.

We can help with all companiona animals from cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, parrots, you name it!

One to one Training

This accelerates both yours and your dog's skills.

One on one can be conducted at our training facility or in your own home.

We offer this for basic training concepts or for behaviour modification. You only need to ask.

Perth's Animal Training Specialists

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Telephone - 08 9309 3259

ABN - 2052 842 8773

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