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Are you embarrassed by your dog's behaviour?
Does he pull on lead or jump all over your visitors?
Have you seen your dog being aggressive?
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At PATS, our aim is to help pet owners communicate better, build better relationships and understand their pet on a deeper level.

With four decades of combined experience within the industry, our specialist team  recognises that every animal is unique. This means your training program will be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Think you need a course on "Dog Training for Dummies"? Let us simplify it for you and help you develop your training skills. Alternatively, bring your dog to us and we'll do all the hard work for you!


What do you have to lose?

Cat training is easy when you have a bit of guidance! We can assist you to stop nuisance behaviours like clawing the furniture or inappropriate toileting.


Don't live in agony call us NOW

We run a variety of specialised dog training courses for all types of issues.

- "Escape the Snake"  Training

- "Aggression Sessions"

- "Recall Training"

- and many more

We've carefully curated our favourite resources for pet training, exercise, enrichment and health at our one-stop shop.

Gain valuable insights into pet behaviour, that you can start using today.

Don't wish to place your dog in kennels?



"I can not recommend Charlotte and her lovely team of girls highly enough. Their clicker training brings great results so very quickly with a fantastic side effect for me after thousands of semi squats.


I'm looking forward to continuing on with the training to give our little lady Ella the best building blocks to shape our future of a happy, confident, well adjusted and obedient fur baby."

- Lesley

Perth's Animal Training Specialists

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Telephone - 08 9309 3259

ABN - 2052 842 8773

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