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Roll on Roll off More affordable Course
Starts Saturday 29th April @ 1 pm
10 Sessions - $250
6 Sessions - $210
4 Sessions - $160
Come when you can, don't lose your money!


Trick Training Classes

Trick training is a great way for both you and your dog to have fun together. This quality time establishes a deeper trust and understanding between you and your canine companion. On top of which, you will be teaching him problem solving skills, mentally stimulating that brain, developing confidence in both parties and above all, training him to be super responsive to your cues, wants and needs.It is truly a win win!

What you'll learn

You'll learn to communicate with your dog at an exceptional level. We'll show you how to coach him by the use of lures, targeting, shaping and prompting. All training is conducted using the science of 'Operant Conditioning'. You'll learn to recognise his body language as well as facial expressions and with the assistance of a bridge to mark correct responses you'll open up a channel for a two way conversation to accelerate his learning.


We'll teach you how to utilise reinforcement schedules to obtain consistent results and to maximise your reinforcement by mixing and matching those your dog enjoys the most. You'll learn how to fade your lures, signals and prompts and establish your behaviours under 'stimulus control' - putting them on cue. We'll teach you how and when to add cues to those behaviours you are teaching and how to proof them.


Our courses are fun for everyone!!

There are three levels

Entrance Level

You'll learn how to lure correctly, use targets for training and how to use your clicker as a bridge to mark correct behaviours or micro behaviours that we wish to develop. You'll be able to recognise when and how to add your cues to those behaviours you have trained. You will be able to communicate to your dog with greater understanding and without causing confusion.
You learn how to manage and deliver your reinforcers with ease and efficiency.

To obtain your Entrance Level Badge - Level 1 - you need to be able to demonstrate either during the course or via video thereafter, eight or more tricks from the list below;

  • Shake hands - give paw, Bow, Lie on side, Roll over, Bounce - jump, Spin right, Spin left, Crawl, Push ups, Give, Get your leash, Hoop Jump, Speak - bark, Fetch, Target to hand or stick, Sit pretty.

Intermediate - Level 2

During this course you will evolve and shape the skills you already been learning. However, these will be of a slightly higher level of difficulty. We'll be expecting you to be creative in your training and drawing on previous knowledge to obtain different behaviours. As your confidence grows you will be able to experiment with greater success.

We will be looking at a more consistent approach to training, planing your sessions, utilising your reinforcers to set the next behaviour and adapting to all environmental cues.

To obtain your Intermediate Badge - Level 2 - you will need to demonstrate either during the class or via video thereafter eight behaviours from the following list;

  • Close the door, Say your prayers, Jump through armed circles, Fetch to hand, Pull on rope, Wave goodbye, Leg weave, Play dead, Hands up, Limbo, Target to mat, Half spin - twist

Advance - Level 3

During the advanced course we will introduce how to 'shape' behaviours from scratch and how to consolidate the behaviours you have taught. We'll coach you on proofing behaviours and how to maintain them with natural reinforcers.
Once again the level of difficulty in the behaviours required for this level will be more advanced than previous courses.

To obtain your Advanced Badge - Level 3 you will need to demonstrate during the course or via video thereafter eight of the behaviours from the list;

  • Back up, Tidy up toys, Ball in basket, Jump in my arms, Jump over my back, Pull a wagon, Paw to target, Close door, Shy dog, Ride a skate board, Kiss me, Circling wide, Tall orders, Tall high five

Training Rules

To train these behaviours successfully you will need to practice your skills at home. For Levels 1 & 2 dogs can remain on lead to prevent them from running away, however level 3 dogs will be expected to work off leash in the training facility.
Leads or other equipment must not be used to pull dogs into position. Training must all be positive providing your dog with a choice to participate or rest on his requests.

You will not complete all of the behaviours in class. You will need to send in video footage of all the completed behaviours we have not seen in order to obtain your badges and progress to the next level.

We are happy to assess your video footage at any point up to three months after your course
You will earn a Badge and a Certificate of your achievement for your level.


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