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Puppy Training

During the first year of your puppy's life, they can obtain and achieve so much benefit through training.

When we train puppies, we are really their coach. We coach our beloved puppies through childhood into adulthood, guiding them to make good choices in all of situations they encounter.

We want them to be social, well-mannered, quiet and obedient. This is easily achieved if you provide them with the correct coaching, place them on a pay-back system and have the correct knowledge and understanding.  Well that's where we can help you!

As well as our renown Puppy Pre-School, Beginner's Dog Training (Puppy), Puppy Development Program and Puppy Play Groups, we offer specialist classes for puppies to learn pre-sports and husbandry (how to behave when being handled - 
this is a vet's dream class). 

Once your dog is an adult, we also have a wide variety of further training options for life-long learning.

Puppy School

Congratulations on the arrival of your new family member!

At their early stages of development, puppies have the greatest capacity to learn new skills. Social skills are learned behaviours, so it's essential that puppies are provided with an opportunity to interact with members of their own kind, along with all types of people and other species, in order to develop appropriate skills so that they survive and thrive.

By attending PATS Puppy Pre-School Classes, your puppy will be guided through life skills, will learn training exercises, bite inhibition, toilet training, confidence-building and so much more.

PATS can also help you identify any potential problems, and guide you through intervention and retraining to help set your puppy up for their most successful future.

We accept puppies from 8-15 weeks old.​ Classes are held in Wangara, Wanneroo & Wembley.

After Puppy School, your puppy can continue his education at our 6-week Beginners Dog Training course at our Wangara training facility.

We hope you have fun learning and bonding with your new puppy!

Beginner's Dog Training (Puppies)

Training your pet dog can be frustrating and tiring. It's a bit like learning to drive a car; there is just so much to learn and lots of techniques that seem quite complex to the beginner.  We believe that small classes obtain better results for both the dog and the owner. We can offer better coaching due to easier observation of the group.

This six-week class for puppies aged up to 8 months is a great follow on from Puppy Pre-School, or if your puppy is fully vaccinated he can attended in conjunction with attending pre-school. (If your dog is over 8 months, just join our Beginner's Dog Training (Adult) sessions instead!)

The sooner you establish a great reinforcement history with behaviours you 'like', the quicker your puppy will become a great companion at home.

Class covers: Sit, down, touch, come, settle, leave it, attention, walking on a loose lead, wait and stay. Our course aims to teach your puppy the life skills they require such as self regulating their emotions, connection to you as an owner and how to say hi to dogs and people without getting into trouble.

We have a maximum of six dogs per group.

Classes are held on a Saturday morning at 11am. The first class is without your puppy for one hour as you join puppy owners for an educational presentation to equip you with background knowledge to maximise your success.

The remaining five classes are 45 minutes.

The cost of this six-week training class is $180.

This class is for anyone who would eventually like to participate in a sports activity with their dog.
Sports can be any kind of physical activity from agility to hiking, swimming or just chasing a ball.

As puppies physically don't mature until later, many are prevented from joining sports classes and miss out on great opportunities to develop a sound foundation towards future sporting activities.

This class focuses on those foundations, and the solid ground work required for control, handling and familiarisation that all dogs will need later.

We focus on developing the correct relationship for sports between the handler and their puppy.

We coach:  handling for control, basic behaviours in different positions from static positions to on the move.

We include play and obtaining a toy/food balance in training as well as familiarisation to equipment, body conditioning, a reliable recall with and without distractions, self-control, focus and touch.

  • If you want to lay the foundations for beginning your agility training, then this class is a must.

  • If you would like control of your dog in busy environments, then again you can't afford to miss this class.

  • If you want to condition your dog's body to avoid injuries, then book now!

Classes are held at our Wangara facility. This 4-week course is $180, held on an ad-hoc basis when minimum numbers are met.

Help your puppy to love handling.

This isn't a class for just long haired breeds, this class is for everyone!

All dogs need to be handled at some point in their life. Lets face it, how many vet visits has your puppy already had?

This class will take you through all the grooming skills your puppy requires to not only endure the procedure but also to be comfortable and relaxed with it.

You will learn how to manipulate your puppy into remaining in a position to be examined, how to hold your puppy for nail clippings and how to help your puppy enjoy it. You'll get them used to the process of looking in their ears, eyes and the mouth, and having a collar, lead or harness placed on without wriggling or mouthing.

In today's busy life, we often don't handle our dogs enough and many of them become stressed at the vets or the groomers, which can lead to unwanted behaviours such as growling or even snapping.

We don't just teach them the coping skills they require, we teach them to LOVE to be handled.

You can't afford to miss this class.

This is a six week course which is held at our Wangara facility ONLY when minimum numbers are met, so bookings are essential. Cost $190.00

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