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Puppy Pre-School

PATS has four locations for Puppy Pre-School

Puppy Pre-School

PATS runs classes for Wanneroo Vet Hospital

Puppy Class at Wanneroo Veterinary Hospital

Wanneroo - Thursday Evenings

What will you learn?

Puppy School is about a specific learning phase your puppy has already entered on acquisition. 

This is known as the Socialisation Period. This period is often misunderstood and because of this we see many dogs who lack confidence around either people, dogs or within some environmental situations. This leads to anxiety and other fear-based behaviours such as barking, growling, avoidance and aggression.

Our classes therefore focus on life skills, ensuring that owners have a good understanding of their role during this development period as well as how to understand what their puppy is telling them.

Wangara Classes are on a roll on roll off basis which allows you to join at any point during a four week course and we can also change content depending on the needs of those within the group.

Classes include but is not limited to:-

Class 1

This class is with your puppies but also discusses;

Puppy development and why socialisation is important

What socialisation actually means

How to conduct socialisation in a positive way

Mat Training and relaxation

Marker Training such as use of a Clicker or a word


Name game

Class 3

Touch - target training

Developing sit and down with distractions


Cone game, obstacle work

How to scenarios

Class 2

This class teaches you how to expose your puppy safely in real life situations.

Control skills - Sit, Down, Watch


Obstacle work - building confidence, core stability, fear reduction

Handling skills - Food delivery, Luring

Questions and Answer time


Class 4

Obstacle work

Teaching puppies how to accept formal handling (husbandry procedures)

Introduction of muzzle training

Some social interactions if compatible


Questions and answers

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PATS Puppy  School


Can't make a class.

No worries we have a great

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Why Train with PATS

  • PATS classes are unique

  • Our staff are trained Dog Trainers

  • We have 30 years of experience and education

  • PATS are trained to recognise potential behaviour problems

  • We use up to date scientific training techniques

  • We utilise positive reinforcement to enhance your relationship with your new companion

  • We have the facilities to take you and your puppy to that next level.

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Sit More, Jump Less!

PATS Wanneroo Vets



Can't make a class.

No worries we have a great

online program for just


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