Puppy Pre-School

PATS has four locations for Puppy Pre-School

Locations Available

Three Great Locations

Wangara - Saturdays Mornings @ 8.45am

Wanneroo Vet Hospital - on a Thursday evening.

Grantham Street Vet Clinic - Wembley.

Puppy Pre-School

PATS has four locations for Puppy Pre-School

What will you learn?

Puppy School is about your puppies Socialisation period therefore this is our focus.

Our vet locations have a slightly different program to our training facility program. The vet program is a four week structured course and includes excursions if the climate allows.  Our Wangara Class is a roll on roll off class which allows us to change content depending on the needs of those within the group. Classes include but is not limited to:-

Class 1

This class is with your puppies but also discusses;

Puppy development and why socialisation is important

What socialisation actually means

How to conduct socialisation in a positive way

Mat Training and relaxation

Clicker Training

House training



Jumping up

Class 3

Excursion Two - Meet at a cafe

How to teach your puppy to relax in a cafe setting

They will be exposed to sounds, smells, people and occasionally other dogs

Touch - target training

Developing sit and down with distractions


Acceptance of collar grabs

How to allow people to say hi to your puppy

Class 2

Wembley -excursion to Bunnings.

This class teaches you how to expose your puppy safely in real life situations.

We use the environment as it presents us.


Control skills - Sit, Watch, Down


Obstacle work - building confidence, core stability, fear reduction

Handling skills - Clicker training, Food delivery, Luring

Questions and Answer time

Wanneroo Classes attend Wangara Facility for training.

Class 4

At the vets

Obstacle work

Teaching puppies how to accept formal handling (husbandry procedures)

Introduction of muzzle training

Some social interactions if compatible


Questions and answers

Wangara - PATS Training Facility

Our Wangara Program is a four week course and is run on a 'Roll on Roll off' basis.

Each session is run according to the puppies temperament and personality in attendance at the time

We cover all the topics previously mentioned minus the excursions

Why Train with PATS

  • PATS classes are unique

  • Our staff are trained Dog Trainers

  • Our classes take you into the real world with planned excursions

  • We have 30 years of experience and education

  • PATS are trained to recognise potential behaviour problems

  • We use up to date scientific training techniques

  • We utilise positive reinforcement to enhance your relationship with your new companion

  • We have the facilities to take you and your puppy to that next level.

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