Puppy Play Group

Puppy Play Groups are a great resource to continue your puppy's education.

These classes are to enhance the correct social skills within a controlled play area. Puppies are matched with puppies of similar play styles, confidence levels, age and sometimes according to size.


These sessions are not a free for all play session and puppies will only interact if they are a suitable match.

Our Puppy Play Groups 

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What else do you learn?

All puppies are assessed according to their temperament and personality and owners are shown how to integrate unfamiliar dogs, how to interpret body language as well as interrupt interactions correctly.


Puppies will also begin to learn  the start of a recall response during interactions.

We also expose the puppies to numerous obstacles/items to develop confidence and to build on your relationship whilst you're both having fun. These exercises also assist in the exposure of the puppies to the  puppies around them.


While puppies are interacting we talk you through the communication which is going on between them. From this information you gain a great insight into your own puppy's personality to enable you to provide the best support for him when you are out and about on your own.


You will begin to recognise what he is telling you and other dogs and can act accordingly so you remain in control of your puppy's developing skills and personality.

What we are not

Our play groups are controlled and varied depending on the puppies that arrive. We do not allow uncontrolled play or a free for all as this is often extremely detrimental to the puppies developing social skills.


It can lead to puppies learning to bully others and the ones who are being bullied often learn very quickly to become avoidant, defensive and reactive which eventually leads to aggression.

Puppies are required to have their first vaccination and under the age of five months. We prefer that puppies have also attended a positive reinforcement based puppy pre-school or you must at least be open to this type of training methodology.

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