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Basic Education

Program 1

This education program is about teaching your puppy  basic obedience responses. All puppies should have a range of cues that they understand to ensure that owners can control their behaviour in a variety of situations.

The course covers but is not limited to:-

reliable sits, downs, wait, stay, foundation lead work, leave, touch and stand.

Your puppy must attend twice weekly for three weeks for best results.  You will require a hand over session to maintain the skills taught to your puppy.

Six Sessions - Total cost - $360.00

The Best Future for Your Puppy

With our research-based Puppy Development program, you can leave your beloved puppy's training in the best hands! This day-training program was designed by PATS co-director and animal behavioural specialist Charlotte Smithson, and your puppy will benefit from her many decades of experience.

Your puppy will attend our training center in Gnangara, we'll do the training, and then do hand-over sessions to equip you to take the lead in reinforcing those skills at home.

This program is great for busy owners, and it's also extremely effective. We'd be delighted to help your puppy get the best start in life!

Loose Lead Walking - Program 2

Walking on a loose lead is quite a skill especially when the outside environment is so distracting and there is so much to smell and see.

A lot of dogs are not taught how to check in with owners and be aware of your own body positioning so they tend to surge forwards and this can cause a lot of frustration in the

dog as well as their human companion.

We will teach your puppy the fundamentals of lead work, how to observe and check in with the handler, to be aware of what the handler is doing at all times and to walk on a loose lead.

Your puppy must attend the center twice a week for two weeks for best results. You will also require a hand over session which involves a one on one appointment.

Total cost - $250.00

Puppy Recall

Program 3

Recall is a really important skill to train. We often hear from owners that their dogs will only come back when there are no other dogs or distractions.

As a safety aspect all dogs should come when called no matter what the situation is or what environment they are in.

We can teach your puppy a great foundation and understanding for recall to set him up in having a reliable recall later.

He will need to attend the center for four sessions and come in twice a week.

You will also need a handover session at the end to continue the training format.

Total Cost - $250.00

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Crate Training  Program 4

Crate training is a great way to help your puppy learn:-


 > alone training

> chew training

> it accelerates their house training.

> it keeps your puppy out of danger

> is a transferable tool i.e can be used for  traveling in the car or at a friends 

> prepares you puppy for kennels or the vets

> provides a safe haven

He will need to attend the centre for three sessions within a fortnight.

Total Cost - $190.00

Mat Training- Program 5

Mat training is a great way to help your puppy settle and learn to relax. It can be transferred to a variety of situations and environments as it becomes a target for your puppy. As it is trained using positive reinforcement the more sensitive puppies often view their mat as safety area.

We offer a training program of shaping this behaviour and then place it on 'cue' so your puppy learns to go to his mat when asked to do so. This saves owners a lot of worry when cooking in the kitchen or even if you just want some peace whilst watching TV.

Your puppy must attend the center for three sessions. He will be required to attend twice a week and you will also require a hand over session.

Total Cost - $190.00

Impulse Control

Program 6

Many dogs these days are not taught self-control. This can manifest into many unwanted behaviours such as barking, digging, chewing, biting and over-excitability just to mention a few.

We will introduce some training exercises to your puppy to help him learn that not all things are accessible immediately and help him adjust to changing situations.

He will need to attend our training center twice a week for two weeks and you will also require a handover session.

Total Cost - $250.00

Husbandry Training

Program 7

All dogs need to be handled in a formal setting at some point in their lives and many dogs require regular grooming.

This course is about setting your puppy up to enjoy the process of being handled, to learn to stand still during handling and to desensitise them to the sight, sound and sensation of all equipment used during these processes.

Your puppy will need to attend our center twice a week for 7 sessions and you will require a handover session.

Total Cost - $360.00

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