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Ridebag© - High-quality bags especially developed for the riders’ needs.

Only our original has the comfortable and saddle-friendly buckle design that has been tested and optimized by horse riders.

Do you prefer it a little bit smaller? We recommend our new sleek and elegant stylish version! This Ridebag offers enough storage space for the important things like cell phone, wallet and keys.


✅ Founded in Germany
✅ Adapted to the riders’ needs
✅ Gentle on the saddle – no scratches, imprints, etc.
✅ 100% Vegan
✅ Comfortable wearing comfort & very light weight
✅ More comfortable than backpacks & belt bags
✅ All within easy reach
✅ Unisex (for women & men)
✅ Also available in the water-resistant version
✅ Enough storage space, without being too large in size
✅ Adjustable strap - fits every leg
✅ Ideal for riding indoors & outdoors


Gentle on the saddle

We know how expensive saddles are. For this reason, it is very important to us that our bags are gentle to your saddle and do not cause any scratches or damages.

Also, the buckles are positioned so that they do not even come into contact with your saddle.


Comfortable to wear

It‘s clear that a wearing comfort during riding is a must. A lot of our customers give us the feedback that they can barely notice our Ridebag© - and this is exactly how it is meant to be.


Adjustable straps

No matter if you have wide or thin legs. The straps of our rider bag can be adjusted to fit any horse rider.

Max. hip circumference: 140cm / 55inch
Max. leg circumference: 80cm / 32inch


Water resistant version

Our bags are also available as water resistant versions. Simply select the desired version right here on our product page.


Material: Canvas (mixture of polyester and natural fibers, such as cotton, hemp & canvas)
Material water-resistant version: Nylon

Ridebag© - Stylish Version

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