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Ridebag - the high-quality bag, which was especially developed for the riders’ needs.

Only our original has the comfortable and saddle-friendly buckle design that has been tested and optimized by horse riders.


Gone are the days on which you sat on your horse, without being certain where you should keep your smartphone, wallet, drinking bottle etc. As opposed to wearing a rucksack, with this bag you have everything within easy reach.

✅ Founded in Germany
✅ Adapted to the riders’ needs
✅ Gentle on the saddle – no scratches, imprints, etc.
✅ 100% Vegan
✅ Comfortable wearing comfort & very light weight
✅ More comfortable than rucksacks & belt bags
✅ All within easy reach
✅ Unisex (for women & men)
✅ Now also available in the water-resistant version
✅ Enough storage space, without being too large in size
✅ Adjustable strap - fits every leg
✅ Ideal for riding indoors & outdoors


  • Position of the strap buckle
    Both the lower and upper buckle of the strap are not directly located on the bag, so that both buckles will be positioned on the upper side of the leg. Therefore, you will benefit from added wearing comfort and the buckles will no longer come in contact with your saddle, thus eliminating the risk of scratches.
  • Extension of the strap
    The strap was extended, so there is more leeway for wider thighs.
  • Water-resistant versions


Max. hip circumference: 140cm
Max. leg circumference: 80cm

Material: Canvas (mixture of polyester and natural fibers, such as cotton, hemp & canvas)
Material water-resistant version: Nylon

ReiterTasche - Ridebag© - Classic V.2

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