Pawise Indoor Dog Toilet

Smart pet parents love Pawise pet products for their quality and affordability - while pets love Pawise for their fun range of toys and more!


The Pawise Indoor Dog Toilet is the perfect solution for indoor or apartment-dwelling city pups! This incredibly convenient product provides a practical doggy loo for your furry friend, and is suitable for dogs of all ages - whether youve got a pup whos still learning the ropes, an adult who prefers the indoor life, or a senior who has a little trouble holding on. The simple 3-piece apparatus consists of a synthetic grass mat, a drainage grid, and a collection tray. An absorbably puppy pad or cat litter can be placed inside the tray to absorb liquids. The height is only 2cm, making it easy for puppies and seniors to get up onto, and the grass mat has antimicrobial properties to reduce contamination and odours. This product is also easy to clean and maintain - simply empty and clean once per day, rinse in clean water and detergent, and youre good to go!


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Pawise Indoor Dog Potty Trainer

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