Kool Collars is an effective, unique way to keep your dog cool during hot days. Each Kool Collar purchase comes with one Kool Tube for use indoors. While outside, use ice cubes instead. For dogs at risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. It is patented and very different from every other dog collar on the market. We use melting ice to act as sweat on your dog. It's easy, durable and extremely effective. 

How to use

For outdoor use, fill the Kool Collar with ice. The melting ice will run down the front of the dog, which not only offers a comfortable cool sensation but also promotes evaporative cooling over the dog’s chest. Evapourating water cools the blood and the core temperature of the dog. 

For indoor use, use the Kool Tube in the Kool Collar. The Kool Tubes are semi-disposable, non-toxic, and non-staining alternative to ice. It is perfect for use inside the house, traveling in a motor home, car, truck, etc. Each Kool Tube usually lasts about 30-50 minutes depending on the ambient temperature, the dogs body heat, and activity level. You can refreeze for each occasion or by purchasing Kool Tube Refills, you can cycle tubes from the freezer to the collar for extended continued use. 

Size Guide

Small Collar: Adjustable 11" – 17.5" to fit most small breed dogs such as poodles and small terriers. 

Medium Collar: Adjustable 17.5" - 24" in length and fits most medium dogs such as Labradors and Pointers up to about 75 - 80lbs. 

Large Collar: Adjustable 24" – 30.5” in length and fits most large breed dogs.

Kool Collars


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