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Bungee handles have been designed to fit over the loop on the bottom of the Pod, each bungee handle is about 75cm long which converts your Pod into a lure toy making it even more motivating and fun



Perfect for training and interactive play. Puppington Pods are fantastic at helping to build motivation and drive in food loving dogs.

Puppingtons Pods have a brightly coloured soft neoprene outer shell and soft black canvas inside making them super safe and soft to catch but still durable. They are stuffed with a non toxic fabric.

The three parts of the pod have a strip of Velcro on them which keeps the pod closed but also allows the dog to rip the pod open and get to the treats inside.

In the middle of the pod there is an area that can be filled with your dog's favorite treats. The dogs can rip the Pod apart again and again to get to the treats inside satisfying their natural hunting instinct

Each Pod has a little loop attached to the bottom for attaching a Puppingtons bungee handle for extra motivation - please note Puppingtons Pods are not designed to withstand tugging.



Bungee Handle for Puppington Pod

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