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Sports Activity Classes
Roll on Roll off course.
Next take in 20th May - Classes are at 10 am

Want to have fun with your dog whilst teaching him some valuable skills as well as building a better body, mind and soul.

Price has been made more affordable due to high demans.

10 sessions = $250.00

6 sessions $210.00

4 sessions $160.00

Our Sports Activity Classes is a course which is designed to teach a high level of precision in body awareness, co-ordination, connection between dog and handler, focus and control. As a by product of this your dog will also develop core stability, muscle definition, listening skills, balance and hind leg awareness.

Whether you intend to go on to join agility classes, attend fly ball lessons, docking, play fetch or just go hiking across uneven terrain, this course will improve your dog's ability to negotiate all levels of activity with a planned mind map, muscle memory and full co-ordination.

A dog that enters a sports with a well balanced prepared body and mind will have better motor skills, better problem solving skills, it will reduce instances of stress related injuries and improve speedy responses to a changing environment.

Three Levels Available
Runs Every Saturday- bookings essential @ 10.00am 

Level 1

Builds correct muscle tone

Helps prevent injuries

Obtains great weight control

Improves performance

Improves recovery rate

Will become less prone to stress

Provides a sense of wellbeing

Increases longevity

Level 2

Continuation of Level 1

Improves awareness

Develops coordination

Improves gait

Helps foot placement

Improves handlers verbal control

Improves handling skills

Level 3

Advanced skills

Evolves handler /dog understanding

Sequencing of obstacles

Improved plyometrics

Great balance

Improves stamina

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