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Want obedience, responsiveness and control?

Then these classes are for you!!

Beginners Class

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This class makes great follow-on from Puppy School and should be considered as the start of your puppy's primary school.

It is a six week course and you are encouraged to attend all sessions.

Cost - $180.00 Includes GST

All dogs require training and though an adult dog may not be quite so easy to train (depending on his life history) it is still achievable and something that every family should invest in. We only take four dogs per class for adult dogs as they don't adjust as well as the younger dogs and so we like to spend more time assisting you as the owner and the dog to settle.

This is also a six week course and participants are encouraged to attend all sessions.


Course fee - $190.00 Includes GST

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Training your pet dog can be frustrating and tiring for some people, so we believe that small classes obtain better results for you the owner, as well as your dog.


Our classes are small, fun and interesting.

Classes cover: reliable Sits, down, touch, leave, attention, walking on a loose lead, wait and stay as well as a solid foundation to a recall response plus relaxation techniques.


Our course aims to teach your dogs life skills such as self regulating their emotions, connection to you as their owner and how to develop concentration around distractions.

All dogs must be dog-friendly.

Class Dates

Puppy Beginners Dates



Monday 4th January 2021 @ 7.30 pm

Saturday 9th January 2021 @ 10.00 am

Adult Beginners Dates - on demand

We usually recommend Impulse Control Training for adult dogs.

Intermediate Class

Beginners Too Easy?

Join our intermediate obedience class to develop and consolidate some of those initial skills taught during the beginners


On top of that you'll be learning new skills such as the Stand, how to change 'cues' to a behaviour and how to get the most from your puppy.


This class is fun and informative to keep you and your dog active and enjoying your relationship. Don't miss out BOOK NOW!!

Class Dates

Dates to be confirmed - please express your interest.


Advance your skills

Complete the training journey with your puppy and follow onto the Advance skills level for obedience.

A continuation of the previous skill set but exercises are more complex with variations to evolve your relationship further. You will build on distance control, duration of behaviours and consolidate skills with some fine tuning.


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