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K9 Nose Work(TM)

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PATS is extremely proud to be apart of a growing 

sport and leisure activity that is enriching the lives of both dogs 

and their care givers all over the world.

The Dog's Sense of Smell

We all know that our dog's sense of smell is exceptionally accurate and a lot more sensitive than our own. Yet, we spend hours telling our dog NOT to sniff whilst we're training, on walks or when visitors come over. Can you imagine how depressing that is for an animal who's natural desire is to obtain information about their environment through the only way they know how?

Well, now we can give the training back to our dogs and allow them to engage in their natural hunting abilities. By doing so we are channeling their natural instincts into a fun interactive game whilst providing enrichment, focus and alleviating the everyday stresses that life places upon them.

K9 Nose work teaches them how to recognise odours, discriminate between odours and to alert (inform) you when they have discovered one.


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Beginners Nose Work

Saturday 22nd April @ 11.30 am

This class introduces the concept of the game and builds the handlers observational skills, timing, and builds focus in the dog.

The classes are taught on your dog's favourite reinforcer to generate desire to play the game and both dog and handler establish good teamwork.

Course Fee:


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Introduction to odour

Saturday 3rd June @ 2.30pm

This course introduces odour used in K9 Nosework®. Searches expand in difficulty such as different rooms and outdoors and will incorporate vehicle searches.

It will continue to develop both you and your dog's skills.

First target odour to be introduced will be Birch.

Course Fee:


I am currently an Associate K9 Nose work Instructor working towards Accreditation with the National Association of Canine Scent Work NACSW

To find out more about the NACSW click HERE

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