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Impulse Control Training for Dogs

What is impulse control?

Well that's a good question. It's really about self-control. Seeing something that you'd like and not being able to control one's self in just taking it. I'm a little like that with chocolate but our dog's can be very focused on what they want and show off about it considerably in order to get it.

It is actually a huge problem with dog's, especially if they are a larger breed. Some dogs are just so excitable, they really don't know how to express themselves appropriately.

Our class will assist you in teaching your dogs how to self-regulate that emotional state and provides you with the tools to practice this at home in a variety of situations.

                                                     Next Class to be confirmed -  please express your interest

                                                                             Cost $210.00 includes GST

Important Notice

This is not a class for dogs who react aggressively in any way, on lead when they see dogs or people.

This is also not for dogs who have a nervous disposition. We do not provide refunds once classes have started.

If you are in any doubt, please book a Discovery Session First to see if your dog will be able to cope in a class setting.

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