Husbandry Training

for Puppies and Kittens

Do you want a stress free pet when you visit your vets?

Would you like to be able to trim you dogs nails and brush your cat without a fight?

Many pets go through life in fear of vet visits, dislike the groomers, won't allow owners to touch their paws and in some situations they won't even allow other people to examine them at all.

This makes it extremely difficult when they become sick or are in need of a nail trim or even need a hair cut.

When this level of worry has been reached it's very difficult for an owner to manage them and is equally embarrassing.

However, place yourself in your pet's boots. Your pet will be stressed, upset and may take a good few days to recover from any one of these events. Each time these events occur the pet's behaviour is likely to regress and hissing, scratching and biting may occur.

It doesn't have to be like that.


classes for puppies and kittens


A sound foundation

Desensitisation to all elements of the handling processes

Desensitisation to the sound, sight, smell and touch of equipment used during grooming

Forming strong positive associations to grooming, handling, people and other petss during grooming

Puppies & Kittens learn to Love being restrained, handled, brushed, combed, clipped

Puppies & Kittens learn to love having the feet and nails touched

Puppies & Kittens learn to love having their nails clipped.

Puppies & Kittens learn to enjoy all events around the visits to the parlour due to strong preventive training techniques.


Relaxed, confident puppy or kitten

No stress involved for you or your pet for vet visits or visits to the groomers

Saved income - no sedatives required when being handled

Sanity - no embarrassing moments

No behaviour modification programs later in life

Established FEAR Responses



Desensitisation and counter-conditioning to fearful stimuli

Train pet to form new, more positive associations

Teach petss coping strategies

Teach pet new alternative behaviours to replace the unwanted stress related behaviours

Train dogs to wear muzzles as a precaution

Train pets to be more comfortable around vets and groomers


Less stress for both you and your pet

No more sedatives for those minor examinations

Less costs involved

Happy more content pet

Next Courses

Puppy /Kitten Course runs On Demand - Wangara

Runs for six weeks the first week is without your dogs

$220.00 / pet

Husbandry Training

Established Problems


We recommend 2 x 1/2 hour weekly visits to our training facility for husbandry training/handling.

Bookings Essential - Cost $50.00 Per Session


All Prices include GST