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Our Escape the Snake(TM) Programs

Despite the critics voicing their concerns about how training dogs to actually detect a snake utilising positive reinforcement was not a good idea.  I put my best foot forward and built a program on my years of experience in dog training, drawing on the scientific information I had been taught. (Yes, I admit, I did go back to the books from time to time - I believe that's a good thing!)

Let's face it, we teach dogs to do many things in this world around us, from search and rescue to alerting to high or low blood sugar levels. So why is this training any different?

I believe it's different because if it goes wrong it can be fatal. Well, if the training goes wrong for a bomb detection dog, that can be fatal too!. If the training for a Diabetic Alert Dog is unreliable, that can also be fatal for the person with diabetes! However, they still train them! Not only do they train them, they start out with positivity in their training with the view of success.

My view; this is not meant to offend or upset anyone, this is purely my opinion. Training dogs by  means of an electric shock collar is not ethical in this day and age as we have other options available to us that are more humane. The problem is that the companies who promote and sell electric shock collars don't like us using alternatives as it is their livelihood that's at stake. Therefore, it is only natural that they will still fight against this. In addition to this we have the companies who actually train with the 'shock collars' and sell their services to the general public. This has been very affluent for them, and up until now it has been the only methodology available for this type of training. So, again, it's only natural that they are going promote their methods the same as I wish to promote mine.

The choice is yours!

Article on our training

During our trials I collected data and wrote an article.


As with any idea, process or procedure, there is always room to grow. Our course has changed since the last article.

It's now Even Better!!


The critics weren't happy that the course took six weeks.

We now have an Escape the Snake Puppy Development Program(TM) so everyone can prepare for snake season in advance!


We now help to educate, not only the general public but also other professionals within the pet care sector


1 - Though our first design was successful.  Through some additional training applications we have finalised the course structure with a more realistic dimension, a lot more fun for both humans and the dogs and a lot more thought provoking activities

2 - We have developed a new  Escape the Snake program accept this one is for puppies.

This will help clients prepare puppies for the snake seasons approaching.


We now offer consultations for other dog training organisations. We can train you how to run this course.  You can choose Escape the Snake Training (TM), Escape the Snake Puppy Development Program (TM) or both.

It will include our power point presentation, lecture notes, home work notes for clients and ongoing support. You will be entitled to any updates to the course for a minimum of five years.

Escape the Snake Package(TM) - $4,599.00

Escape the Snake Puppy Training Development Program (TM) - $3599.00

Both Training Courses - $7,999.00

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