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Escape the Snake Training (TM)
A training program to protect dogs from snakes, snakes from dogs and dogs from humans!

Sunday 18th 1st September @ 11.30am

For Adult Dogs

PATS is Perth's first organisation to run an 'escape the snake' training program utilising 'positive' reinforcement'.


Having run various trials to test reliability in our service we are now confident that with the correct training and advice, our clients now have an option to train their dogs to come away from a snake and indicate that danger is lurking  or take themselves off to a safe place. All this can be done using positive based training methodologies without having to place these dogs through positive punishment protocols.


Our course is a eight week training project and participants 'must' attend all training sessions to increase the likelihood of developing a fluent, reliable response in their dog. Homework will be provided and as with training any new behaviour or skill, if the homework is not conducted then the dog's skills as well as the  handlers dog handling skills will not improve.

This course consists of a presentation on week one where no dogs are to attend, the following week is also without dogs as we will be practicing our training skills and knowledge.

This is followed by six weeks of intensive training (1.5 hours per session) with the last two weeks being with live snakes.


Training will be fun, informative and will enhance your understanding of dog behaviour, communication and training.

Cost - $425.00

For Puppies

Escape the Snake Course for Puppies


Mondays at 7.00pm

Cost  $325.00

Because our adult dog training program is a six week course. We have come up with a puppy program so you can now begin your puppy's education about how to stay safe around snakes as soon as you get them. We take puppies from 8 weeks to six months.

We feel very strongly about the humane training of dogs, therefore if we implement this training as part of the essential early learning program for puppies then they will already be half way  there prior to snake season.

This is a four week course and runs on a Monday evening. We require four puppies to run the course as we require special equipment for the training.

Don't leave it too late - book in on our Escape the Snake (TM) Puppy Development Program.

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