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'Day Train' School for Dogs

Don't have the time or skills to train your dog?

Day Train takes away the stress and time constraints most people have when owning a pet. PATS philosophy is based on positive reinforcement the most powerful method of training in every meaningful dimension.

What we can offer you at PATS,

* Our experienced and qualified staff train your dog at our School

* We offer 1/2 hour sessions and recommend your dog attends twice a week

* Our training accelerates your dog’s new skills

* We remove the all the hard-work

* We provide you with easy manageable homework and progress reports

* Training is made easy and fun

* We develop your dog’s problem solving skills

* We improve physical and mental well-being.


During this process you will receive progress reports on your dog's behaviour which will also include some basic homework for you to conduct. This will ensure that your dog's skills are continuing to develop and you are also learning how to maintain them.


How's that for service!


The initial training session is an assessment of your dog's overall behaviour so we can create a training plan for your dog.

For maximum results your dog must attend twice a week and for a minimum of seven sessions which includes the assessment session.


This is your commitment to your dog!


PATS Adult dog sessions

Initial assessment with training plan $97.00

Sessions $60.00 for 1/2 hour

PATS Puppy Programs 

Choose program HERE

Runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Other times can sometimes be arranged

2.00pm - 4.00pm

This service is NOT suitable for dogs that are reactive towards other dogs, dog's who are apprehensive of the environment or hyper-aroused dogs.

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