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Aggression Session

PATS offers a unique 'Aggression Session' for leash reactive dogs. Building on foundation skills, utilising respondent conditioning, patterning and games we can help you change your dog's views and focus of the world around him.

Sessions will not only reduce your stress when out walking your dog, they will improve his overall well-being through a reduction in his stress

Booking a session

Behaviour Consultation

You will first need to book a behavioural consultation so we can assess your dog's behaviour and well as establishing a base line of skills that your dog and yourself already possess.

Continued Training 

You will then be required to attend 1/2 hour weekly training sessions to begin the behaviour modification process.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How Many Sessions Will I Need?

A - This is a difficult question to answer as all dogs are different as are people. Many factors are taken into consideration including, how long your dog has been behaving in this manner, as the habit and learnt component will be more rehearsed and established, therefore more difficult to change. It will also depend upon your own skill set and how quickly you learn to train your dog, how consistent you are and whether everyone in your home is able to follow the protocols. The distance in which your dog reacts towards other dogs is a factor as well as if the behaviour is displayed both on and off lead.
In a nutshell, I can't be precise in telling you how many are required but I can tell you it will be some where between 6 - 12 and with some dog's more!

Q - What methods do you use when training my dog?

A -  A great question, we only use positive reinforcement and negative punishment. We add something pleasurable as a reinforcer which is invariably food, or we withhold something your dog would like.

Q - What if my dog won't take treats outside the house?

A - Well, this is quite common. To begin with our treatment plan stops all walks and your training at home is without any distractions. We begin to condition your dog to earn his living and take food from your hand in all areas of your home and over time your dog will learn to earn his living by performing tasks for you in exchange for money (treats). As your dog's confidence builds as well as his understanding of the reward based system you'll find he'll begin to relax enough to take food at your front door and we slowly integrate this onto your walks.

Q - Can you guarantee you can fix my dog?

A - 
Unfortunately as much as I'd like to say yes to that question, I can't. As mentioned earlier there are many reasons and variables involved around dog reactivity /aggression and some of them may require additional support from a Veterinary Behaviourist. Some dogs' are too stressed to improve enough to behave normally around other dogs and not all dog's can be fixed! 

However, what I can tell you is, we can  help you reach a comfortable level of improvement and management to the maximum for your particular dog. Your dog will be more settled and relaxed and live a richer life than when you first made contact with us.  We will advise you accordingly on to improve your dog's overall well-being as it is as important to us and it is to you.


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